the story of Frist

FristAlicia VelazquezComment

Frist started as a typo. Intended to be "first" of the month, fingers wrote it wrong. And before correcting that red highlight, I thought about Neil Gaiman (and Ryan Goslin, but much later). Yes, the author. His children story Coraline started as that, a typo. What if? Followed. What if creating is not about trying to be right, but letting the wrong build up? What is in the wrong to learn? Because, otherwise, why would it be showing up? What if we keep trying to correct the wrong, as trying to hold the river? Life keeps throwing it back at us, laughing.
That was the start. Later, I found a vague definition of it as "space of time". Intriguing enough, since time is one deep obsession of mine. And I recently learned that it means deadline in German! Time again. So Frist is here to stay, until rightness tears us apart. Go figure, eternity.