Exhibition El Cuerpo de Nuestro Tiempo / The Body of Our Time

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Space 2B
September 12th - October 12th 2019
* Opening 12th September 2019
Calle Benigno Soto 14
28002, Madrid, España


"New languages, environments, cultures, ways of socializing... I have taken my body and my head to new routines over the years, in an almost schizophrenic search for, or escape from, an identity that I cannot identify. Born and raised in Madrid, I have lived in New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Shanghai, Brussels... and now in Zurich. I can't discern if I belong here or there, if I'm returning or leaving, every time I come to Madrid, or each time I return to Zurich."

In El Cuerpo de Nuestro Tiempo the artist Alicia Velázquez (Madrid, 1969) proposes to temporarily inhabit the space in which series of ritualistic works establish a dialogue with and through time. Quotidian, intimate and also unknown presences, mirrors of a foreign identity that poses questions while searching for her own.

“Nuevos idiomas, entornos, culturas, maneras de socializar… He llevado mi cuerpo y mi cabeza a nuevas rutinas a lo largo de los años, en una - casi esquizofrénica - búsqueda, o escapada, de una identidad que no consigo identificar. Nacida y crecida en Madrid, he vivido en Nueva York, Ámsterdam, Barcelona, Londres, Shanghai, Bruselas… y ahora en Zúrich. No llego a discernir si pertenezco aquí o allá, si estoy de vuelta o yéndome, cada vez que vengo a Madrid, o cada vez que regreso a Zúrich.”

En El Cuerpo de Nuestro Tiempo la artista Alicia Velázquez (Madrid, 1969) propone habitar temporalmente el espacio en el que series de trabajos ritualísticos establecen un diálogo con y a través del tiempo. Presencias cotidianas, íntimas y también desconocidas, espejos de una identidad ajena que lanza preguntas mientras se busca a sí misma. 

Liquid Moments in NuBel by Zacapa, Arco Madrid 2019

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Sips of hope, of desire, of imprecision, of imagination, of looseness, of invention, of history, of context. 

Liquid Moments, a large selection of paintings made with watercolor + drinkable fluids - coffee, rum, tea, milk…) will be on display in the space NuBel by Zacapa in ARCO Madrid, opening Wednesday 27.02 till Sunday 3.03 (public entry days 1,2,3).

Gastronomy space NuBel by Zacapa is a design by Paula Rosales, estudio more&co, located in Pavilion 9 of the art fair. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Open Studio

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Celebrating the end of this year and 6 months of daily coffee-watercolor paintings, The Coffee Machine, with a seleciton of 60 favorite paintings. They can make great Christmas or personal gifts!

Sunday 2.12.18 / 2-6pm / Krähbülstrasse 58 Zurich

Opening exhibition SOLID at Knoerle Baettig in Winterthur CH

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Performance 407 during opening. Photo: Caroline Palla

Performance 407 during opening. Photo: Caroline Palla

The works 407 (performance) and The Coffee Machine are part of the group exhibition SOLID, at Knoerle Baettig contemporary art gallery.

Curated by Annita Baettig and Merly Knoerle.
With artists: Muriel Baumgartner, Dominik Heim, Olga Titus, Alicia Velázquez

26 October –  24 November 2018


ADAPT-R Exhibition opens in Ambika P3, London

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While Making It Together has made it to London, and is wrapped now and hosted by Table.
While Making It Together keeps absorbing donated objects - through performative encounters - in all places it goes.
While Making It Together in London, part of the exhibition Adapt-r.
Ambika P3, University of Westminster, London
35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS (Baker Street Station)
27 November to 18 December 2016; Daily, 10am – 6pm
Admission: Free
T: +44 (0)20 7911 5876


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November 2016

While Making It Together to be featured in 3 upcoming events:

Photo by Tarek J. Waked for AVA (Alicia Velázquez Atelier)

Photo by Tarek J. Waked for AVA (Alicia Velázquez Atelier)


While Making It Together will be part of the large group exhibition Adapt-r

"This ground-breaking and challenging exhibition is the conclusion of a four-year international research initiative, funded by a major EU grant, and aims to provide rare insights through an extraordinary range of 35 creative practitioners from around the globe." (excerpt from AmbikaP3 announcement, full content here)

Ambika P3, University of Westminster
27 November to 18 December 2016, Daily, 10am – 6pm • Admission: Free
Exhibition Opening Wednesday 23 November 2016 18:30 - 20:30


After an intimate series of making moments with each of my Brussels colleagues at a time, the current sculpture travels to London, where I invite every person part of Adapt-r program to participate in a social performative (and silent) act of wrapping. Together we will wrap the current, chair-sized sculpture, to its temporary home during AmbikaP3 exhibition: a table.

University of Westminster,  35 Marylebone Road. NW1 5LS
Sunday 27 November, 4.15pm
Right after the plenary session of Practice Research Symposium


I will be giving my third PhD in-progress presentation in the upcoming Practice Research Symposium. This time my focus will be While Making It Together, one work to be the lens from which to look through my practice.  

University of Westminster,  35 Marylebone Road. NW1 5LS
Saturday 26 November, 9.30am