liquid moments

Series. Café con leche, tea and other drinkable fluids + watercolor on paper, 2018-2019.

Liquid Moments started by bringing together the daily rituals of painting and coffee drinking. Layers of memory and the present moment, of stored culture and imagination. In the moment of their making, the hot liquid, the bold colors and the words form themselves both outside and in the head, with no specific order, bringing themselves on the paper as a chain of scents, of forms, purely physical and often disconnected, perhaps recalling a vague memory. The viewer may connect them, fill in their blanks, or simply enjoy their taste. 

Recently featured in:

ARCO Madrid 2019, NuBel-Zacapa space, designed by Paula Rosales / studio more&co
Knoerle-Baettig Contemporary, Winthertur CH. Group exhibition, November 2018