catalyzing = I bring about (cause to take place) and inspire.

"yes", you will say. "sounds good, but rather abstract. what do you mean exactly?"


3 key components of
 how I catalyse emotions for an interior space
(a.k.a. "emotionalyzing")



your feeling-to-materiality 

concept director

Communicating a company's message and values through interior design goes beyond organization and bringing a few materials together. 

  • What is the "affect" of the materials you use?
  • how to bring pattern and color coherently keeping your goal in mind?

I help you bring a user experience concept as a whole, integrated and coordinated for, and with the brand's: architecture and interior, graphic and signage, marketing and communication.


your from-the-body 

user-experience advocate 

You - and your team - have to deal with a complex set of problems to solve.

The complexity of your project, even when dealing with a 100 m2 renovation, will put the user experience in the background of your priority list.

And yet without it there will be no experience

I help to:

  • extract and understand your client's "affective" wishes, like: "I want people to feel  welcome")
  • translate them into material possibilities

hand-in-hand with your ideas and your team's.




your personalized

idea pop-corn machine

You have conceptual abilities and skills, but often lack

  • the time
  • the team, or
  • heavy problem-solving gave you "shortsighted" vision

Let me enlarge your creative spectrum and guide your team and process through fresh & (yes!) fun material ideation.


catalyzing dictionary: YOU = your professional self, your team, your client, and his/her clients - end users


WHY do I work like this? What kind of architect or designer or artist or what the heck are you?????

While trained and well-experienced as architect, I have observed how little knowledge (and, sorry, often little care) on design affection we have. While function is a brainless asset, emotionability has been cultivated by advertising and the entertainment industry. And luckily by many designers. But it is rarely part of the agenda of an architecture office. I mean, take a look around: how emotionally driven are you by what you find daily in your city? 

And, you will ask, how did you build your profile? Did you go to a special school? One I didn´t ever heard of?

I went to a very traditional architecture school, and luckily I encountered some of the best professors, who opened my mind towards a critical, holistic view of our role as architects. 

Then, I have worked for and with more than 20 different architectural firms, both as employee and as consultant. From boutique to large international offices. In USA, Asia, and around Europe. And I have trained future architects in several architecture and design schools. All this experience, plus my side courses and jobs as graphic designer and art director, have given me not only a mixed disciplinary profile, also an observation on how very diverse architects and their teams work.

I felt the need to incorporate more user experience - the kind I find in product design, advertising, even fashion - more body knowledge and environmental psychology, more user and body-centered and out-of-the-office processed, hedonistic and more fun! dealing with serious issues does't mean we need to take ourselves seriously, specially when creating for health, for happiness, for surprise, for .... (fill in the blank).

See some examples of how I have done it for different architects and clients:

"We wish a place where people want to stay. not just to consume. We´d like them to feel good, bring their friends, spend their day. The place should feel like it was always there, part of the neighbourhood".

This was our emotional brief for:

huerto de lucas


"We wish an office where our employees see each other and meet, feel part of our big family. Promoting collaboration. We also want to communicate we are a holiday company".

Efficiency meets wellbeing in new headquarters for: 



"I wish to get people engaged. The kitchen should feel a living space, not just a showroom. An opportunity to share how we work and how we help people to get their dream house"

Inviting to storytelling in:

more&co's showspace


Do you have a project that can benefit from this approach? Or are you interested in knowing more? 

contact me: