performance and installation, 2018

Exhibition SOLID

Knoerle Baettig Contemporary Art Gallery
Winterthur, Switzerland


There are 407 holes in the wooden frame of the art gallery’s window. These holes have served to fix, stick, hold, or temporarily display something that was at that moment and for a moment important. The holes being the traces - scars - of past events, of the history of the space, linked or not to its current use as a gallery. Moles in the building’s skin, constellations of time.

407 is a performance that celebrates those traces. One thumbtack was nailed inside each of the 407 holes, and during the opening I “wrote”, using brass thread, and using the window’s structure as if it where a digital clock, the number 407.


Curator: Anita Baettig (exhibition concept) with Merly Knoerle
Photos: Caroline Palla
Video: Pablo Rica