Born in Madrid and trained as architect, Alicia Velázquez's work searches within our mundane daily rituals to connect with the grandiose in human existence. By inventing, performing and inviting to perform intimate rituals of creation, destruction and transformation of body and matter (also body). Her experience in spatial design is inherently present, being the relation human-object (or human body - material body) centric in her practice. She stages "insertions" within quotidian moments, as disturbances in an order of space-time that is there to be inquired both from without and from within. 

Alicia lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. She has been an Adapt-r fellow (Art Design Architecture Practice Training research), Marie Curie European fund, and is currently a PhD candidate with university KU Leuven in Brussels. Her work has been exhibited in ICO Foundation and B.D. Design, Madrid, Ambika p3 in London, Corner College in Zurich and Salone del Mobile in Milan, among others.

She is a regular contributor in educational institutions, having imparted lectures, workshops and design studios, both in master and bachelor levels in KU Leuven - Sint Lucas Ghent, Piet Zwart institute Rotterdam, TU Delft, Zurcher Hochschule der Kunst, European Institute of Design, University of Calgary and many others.