Long-Durational Performance
Neckpiece (hair, artist's own)
75 Polaroids (one shot every 12 minutes during first 15h of performance)

Zurich, 2016

One Million hairs
Eight public locations

Forty Five hours
Three Weeks
Two hands
One purpose

One Hair One Purpose is a piece born by mastering a spontaneous and intimate technique: twisting, curling and pulling my own hair. And making this ordinary act the core of a conscious and public act of transformation: of my personal, living matter - something disposable, and also treasurable - and the immaterial within. Simply tied together, ring by ring, moment by moment.

While crafting, we are simultaneously creators and the created, as when our hands transform the matter, that matter is, always, transforming us.


Concept & realization Alicia Velázquez

Alicia Olmos > performance video and still photography, production assistance. Alicia has written an excellent reflection on the performance's first week, read it here
Tarek J. Waked > performance concept
Enrique Caruncho > final video
Sonia Dorado > final video production management
Lisa Bodrug > final video make-up & hair styling
Miki Martín Corner > final video sound mastering

With special thanks to:
Dimitrina Sevova, curator & Corner College Zurich > host of week 1 performance and event
Sebastian Schäffer & UNO partner > hosts of week 2 of performance
Anabel Jordan & K-Styling > hosts of week 3 of performance
Milenko Lazic
Clemens Winkler
Luke Franzke