Daily series, collection of 31
Feminine pad (cellulose, plastic), thread


Zurich, 2017

Each day, a piped dream to make out of this a perfect product. I am using the wrong material, the wrong thread, possibly the wrong needle and I am a novice embroiderer. I build every time imperfection. Yet, I try every time to build up a vision of one perfect golden stain, one that never happens (or does it?).  
There is only one pad per day. A daily and unfinished ritual, every time rinsed and renewed. After all, how finished can a stain be? 


Concept & realization Alicia Velázquez


With special thanks to:
Ute Schneider > donation of golden thread
Needle 'n Thread blog > host of "how to" videos followed to learn embroidery techniques
Christine Gerber-Rutt > without your cancelled invitation this work wouldn't exist