Time Ball #8         {click for video}    1h 12' 34"    Monday   7.03.2016   ZRH-BRU

Time Ball #8         {click for video}
1h 12' 34"
Monday 7.03.2016

Time Ball #7    50' 07"   Friday   26.02.2016   BRU-ZRH

Time Ball #7
50' 07"
Friday 26.02.2016

Time Ball #6    45' 00"   Tuesday   23.02.2016   ZRH-BRU

Time Ball #6
45' 00"
Tuesday 23.02.2016

Time Ball #5    Saturday   13.02.2016   BRU-ZRH

Time Ball #5
Saturday 13.02.2016

Time Ball #4     2h 2' 1"    Monday   8.02.2016   ZRH-BRU

Time Ball #4
2h 2' 1"
Monday 8.02.2016

Time Ball #3    1h 10' 4"   Saturday   30.01.2016   BRU-ZRH

Time Ball #3
1h 10' 4"
Saturday 30.01.2016

Time Ball #2    1h 3' 46"   Monday   25.01.2016   ZRH-BRU

Time Ball #2
1h 3' 46"
Monday 25.01.2016

Time Ball #1  2h 14' 40"   Thursday  14.01.2016 BRU-AMS

Time Ball #1
2h 14' 40"
Thursday 14.01.2016


Performance, multiple days and times.
January - June 2016
Thread (cotton, polyester)
Collection of 125


I am time. Actually, We all are. 

We believe we are matter. Bones and muscles, skin and hair.

We also believe and feel we are immaterial: thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

Yet, above all, we are a bunch of matter wrapped around seconds, minutes, hours. Precious or unpreciously. Like these Time Balls. Like these Time Balls, more or less big, soft, light. 

We are time. We trade time for time. Moment for moment.

We own time. We gift time. We dream time and we waste time. We dress with our time, even with our lack of it, or so we say, even though time is always available to us, each and every moment. 

And so I decided to transform my time this year, my traveling time, it into a set of textile balls. There will be no other like them. Because they represent my time. My trips, my not doing anything else and my not being anywhere or with anybody else. Their form might look like anything else, remind of something familiar. And in fact it is, it is so familiar because you always wear your own balls, Time Balls.  

The balls, even though time-specific, are neither accurate nor measuring time. They are the witnesses and holders of those unofficial adventures. Those that never made it to the cover of my life memories.