Handing out the spool of thread to the person, holding the fresh end in the other hand. That moment is so unique, full of hope, of possibilities.

While Making It Together is a performative sculpture done in two epochs: one, in the intimacy of the atelier, together with Alicia's small professional network in Brussels. One person at a time, one personal donated object at a time, wrapping and making this communal object together. 

In a second epoch, While Making It Together became an invitation to perform a social act of making. The sculpture grew, absorbing its exhibition table in a performative event during Adapt-r exhibition, and at the end of PRS (Practice Research Symposium). In Ambika p3, University of Westminster, London. Involving all Adapt-r colleagues, visitors and guests to wrapping the object together.

WMIT currently awaits in Brussels, Belgium, for its next moment of growth through performative wrapping .