what can you do with "that" wall?

"soft" textures between architecture and our body

which add an extra layer of meaning, usability or information

see some examples


can "emotioneering" 
spice space?

get a user "advocate" and deliver a memorable experience

and, ultimately, wellbeing for the humans we are serving

I'll show you how


interested in affective materials?

explorations on materials, emotions and the body

fresh ideas to feed my client's concepts and projects.

get behind the scenes

It is not easy to reflect ARUP’s values, and thanks to Alicia we had an installation that changed the perception of the space where we develop our projects, both for our visitors and ourselves.
— Flavio Tejada, Arup Master Planning & Urban Design Europe Leader
Working with Alicia I get positively surprised.
She captures the ideas and materializes them with creativity and sensibility.
The project always improves with her intervention.
— Paula Rosales, architect & CEO studio more&co
Alicia thinks differently than we used to in our design processes: user-oriented
— Sebastian Schäffer, architect & partner Hausbuben Architekten