Grind Growing

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We hear, share and propose every end of the year exciting commitments. Grand personal and professional dream challenges.

Today I pledge for plucking out, instead, the strings for small-growth. Tuning into powdered, yet incremental growing can lead to major changes, over time.
If there is one important thing I have learned in the past years, it has been to surrender to the thread-by-thread pace of changes, rather than fight against it trying to rush them. They need their own growing flow in order for them to flourish.

Quoting marketer Seth Godin, vague plans are safely desirable though unhelpful. So let's grind down growth into actionable, believable and committable strings which to pull from every moment, every day.

The material invitation on this video invites to grind growing. Into small commitments. But a whole bush of them.

Now, I need your thicket of thought

  • Can visualizing material growth pull out your own commitment to grow? 

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