Supernormal in Zürcher Hochschule der Kunst - ZHdK

WorkshopAlicia Velazquez
Bathroom installation by one of the groups

Bathroom installation by one of the groups

What is normal?

How can we intervene in our daily rituals, and what do we get when we do it?

These are the questions from Supernormal - matter strategies for the daily intangible - part of a 5-day interdisciplinary workshop (Z-Module) organized by Monica Gaspar Mallol in Zurich's School of Arts and Design.

We invited a group of 14 students from interaction, product design, art practice and theory and music to observe the reality of their daily rituals in the school environment, and perform an action.

As a result, we had a horse climbing up and down Toni Areal's main entrance's stairs playing with its design and proportion, blockages in the main indoor stair (cascade) which revealed (unspoken) codes of conduct, a set of written questions about the act of going to the toilet around the public areas in the building, and a sound performance inviting to care and touch for the bathroom doors.