Forging stories

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Do materials speak? Are they loud, or shy? 

When working in the concept for an interior space, like Forte (brand-new Italian restaurant in Madrid - a recent "catalyzing" project which I co-designed for Paula Rosales and her team more&co), there is one main "plot" in its branding story. And, within the main story, each material, each texture brings her own story. A simple, sophisticated, complex, or radical one. And the combination of these textures together compile new stories.
And, when we enter, use the space, explore these materials, we unveil "another" story, a living story: that which interacts with our momentum, our mood, our daily routine, our body language.
To me, it is thanks and next to these material moments we are - even if in a subtle way - stirred to create our own life moments. And they are unique: with the attitude of our own stories weaved together with the attitude of those material stories around us.

But I´d like to hear from you:
+ Do you have a material story to tell?

I look forward to reading about it in your comments below this video.