Corners of the Round Room

Alicia Velazquez1 Comment

I like to meditate every evening before going to bed, and I noticed that even though I set my mat parallel to the wall, my body naturally shifts to a south-east position. Why? I have no idea. 
When I searched for information, there is no advice about it (rather than sitting itself). I only found a light indication to sit heading South, thus the body faces the Earth's electromagnetic direction.

But, rather than unveiling the whys or hows one should sit, this observation led me to the following thought:

Have you observed? We don't realize how much influence the direction of our walls marks how our body, every day, sits, sleeps, works, defecates. The architect decided for us, and before him the civil engineer and the urban planner did. They decided how the street was laid out, and everything followed. Then we place our bed, carpet, coach, desk parallel or perpendicular to this wall, which is parallel to the building wall, parallel to the street in front.

The mind follows the order, the direction she was instructed to. And perhaps the body "thinks" differently.

As bodies, we can observe. As designers, we can observe before we make decisions. Our choices  influence, every day, the lives of many. Being their bodies aware, or not.