Special Daily vs the Daily Special

Textures PurposeAlicia VelazquezComment

Have you observed that you perform the same movements every day? 

I always act in the same way when taking a shower: take the soap with the same hand and put it over my body in exact sequence; I spread on my moisturizer using the same strokes, and brush my teeth starting from the same side and with the same rhythm and speed, every time, three times a day.

Once daily moments become daily routines, we get numb to them: they become invisible. We don't even feel intimate gestures in very intimate parts.

While unexpected or dramatic happenings can bring us to realize the "around us", let's invite ourselves to daily noticing. Because if we numb to daily "nowness", we numb to any "nowness". We don't have selective levels of awareness - unless we exercise them.

Think of it as taking yourself on a "daily" tour, like if you were taking a friend for a tourist day in your home city. Looking with fresh eyes helps to discovering the invisible to your routinely passing by.  

Ready to un-numb? Try the following: brush your teeth with your left hand (or right, if you are left-handed). And let me know what happens in the comments below! 

A "special daily" can go a much longer way in rewiring your attention that waiting to be surprised by a possible "daily special". Which you may not even notice while immerse in your mechanical daily numbness anyway.