Another love story

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This story is about dancing. 

I am recently practicing, talking and reading about "material thinking". It has spread in academic design research discussions and practices, and as well in some professional processes. It consists in letting the materials guide the design, so rather than imposing a form and applying the material to it, we let the material "speak", or inform the result. 

While it might not sound like big news to you, I'd like to actually twist it up a notch. And invite to, instead of "material thinking", to "material dancing".

Material dancing is a kind of love story. It is a temporary one, where you (and your chosen material) allow an intimate connection to happen. No projections, no expectations, just generous opening up to both give and receive.

There is a dance session I practice regularly called "5 rhythms". Based on a technique by choreographer Gabrielle Roth, the dance session is about letting the body move to whatever rhythm the conductor is playing. To let yourself move and not think. So no mind-think, just body-think.

At times, you connect with one fellow dancer. And then something magic happens. When the two bodies connect through the rhythm, there is such a liberating, fun and free physical connection. The bodies speak to each other while there is no verbal exchange at all. 

This is the connection I invite to have with the objects surrounding us. Because when open to share and receive with that "other body", there is a magic flow, a temporary bond, a sense of belonging that changes us both forever.

And who said walls can't become dancing partners? As with people, if we underestimate their potentials, we are missing a lot of opportunities to discover.

Now, I'd like to hear from you:

  • Can you imagine to invite yourself to a dance not in your room, but "with it"?