In Time We Ice

Textures Purpose, VideoAlicia VelazquezComment

While welcoming the summer heat, I got to discover something that seems now so obvious: why not freezing some thread?

And the textures I got were quite intriguing.

Then it came: why not putting them over my body? And the first iced wearable was born. 

When wearing this innocent frozen necklace, and ready to reflect on temperature and texture, I discovered that ice actually was a representation of time.

We cannot freeze time. But we can materialize our time frozen. 

Get my iced impression on this 
new video below (audio included!)

Now I invite you to freeze and wear your own time block. And besides refreshing yourself, do share with me in the comments below

  • How do you imagine your iced time block in form and size?
  • How and where do you wear it on your body?