Weaving With Ego

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We touch texture, as we are texture.

In a more abstract take, we also build texture. Outside in our relationships, and inside, in our own relationships with our multiple inner selves.

Have you noticed how ego and "true self" have this sort of play, this intermingle, an eternal dance - sometimes fight - to come to the surface? Ego mostly wins. Is freaking stubborn. It is hard work to actually bring the other part to flourish, and the moment you slip out for a tiny second, you put your attention somewhere else or take a short nap - like those transparency effects in the video - the "true self" disappears under layers of bold, bright and shiny power. 

I leave you with this reflection in visual form -  an animated "visual jam" that perhaps helps you to mirror these and your own personal questions.

Hope you dig it, and to hear your comments to have a conversation on this going and growing.

Stupid Structure

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Things happen. Without even noticing, you find yourself one day in the middle of a storm, or battlefield. 

Me these days, I'm having a weekly back and forth between two cities. And I came to realize that, what seemed to be a matter of organization, has deeper and more complex consequences that what you can fix using time management tools.

After a month of traveling between Zurich and Brussels, living in two places, working in two studios (and even a third one as I take my transition time as an atelier space), one thing resonated with me a few days ago. This phrase by John Cage, shown by my colleague Eric Guibert during his PhD in progress presentation:

"Structure without life is dead, but life without structure is unseen.
Pure life expresses itself within and through structure"

The moment I saw this quote, I captured it and put it on my iPad's desktop. It resonated and I knew I had to place it where I could face it - until making some sense of it. 

Then, a few days later, this started to hit me. The image of being in the middle of shaking water, with little control from my part - basically enough control so as not to drown. 

How can I learn how to hold balance when everything around and under is in motion? And, more importantly, how do I make a surfboard?

I grabbed texture to try make sense of this. And started to connect the dots, literally. Because when in doubt or in storm, the mundane, daily small routines may give a basic skeleton from which to navigate bigger complexity. Kind of the surf board to help us balance on wavy waters. 

I'd love to hear about your thoughts, reflections and experience:

  • What kind of structure do you hold on to when in the middle of shaky life moments? an how do you materialize your stupid structure?


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On the train from Brussels Nord towards Leuven, I look at all of us seating on the brown-leathered yellow-tabled car. We are all part of this material landscape. We - humans - move, we are alive, we emit sounds. Yet we are also mass, skin and form, and next to the other material forms we make this landscape of the now. Them and us, a temporary, dynamic landscape. A lifescape

Perhaps the mistake is to look at us and space as separate entities - us and materials, us and the train car. Perhaps it is now the moment when we should look at all of us as one thing.

Because part of this landscape remains - the material environment. But this landscape I am living in right now, this lifescape, exactly composed of the same mass, form and material as it is now only belongs to this very moment. There will not be another one like this, never. Never again there will be rain outside of this train wetting the windows. Never again this light. Nor are we train companions going to be in the same wagon, sitting in the same places at the same moment, wearing these clothes, having these conversations and getting these phone calls. The woman falling asleep in front of me, the business man looking at his mobile screen, the young guy in front of him with sleepy face looking now out the window, now at his phone. Never ever.

We are wrong. We have been wrong all along. We build and inhabit these material worlds believing that they never change, that we simply take our life in and out of them. But we overlook that our world is the combination of us and them. Us "and" the material world form a unique landscape every time. 

We are part of a dynamic lifescape. It is up to us to grasp it or not, to "be" inside it. We are not just watching it. Or experiencing it. We are part of it, indivisible part of it. It exists because of us. We give it meaning and life. 

Have you experienced yourself as indivisible part of your lifescape? Where, how?

I'd love to hear your experience in the comments below, or if you rather, send me a message.

Time Bomb

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We now nothing is there forever. We change, objetcs change, the landscape changes. Our mood changes. Our body changes.

Made out of a material that disintegrates with time, Time-Bomb Dear bracelet is a temporary piece of jewelry. 

Wether you choose it for a loved one or for yourself, TBD changes as your love changes, as you change. TBD knows that your love fades along time. She understands. She has been designed for that. It is also her nature to change, and accompany you as you change.

TBD does the job for you. No need to think you need to keep it for good. No need to confront the guilt of getting rid of it. No need to apply the KonMari method. TBD dies.

TBD comes in a beautiful package, expiration date included. You may choose the desired length of your affection. We offer 3 types, with 3 different price ranges:

  • fast & furious
  • mild & mighty, and
  • long & luminous.

How dear is your love? Or how dare?

Drop me some love (or hate, or both), on the comment lines below. 

In Time We Ice

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While welcoming the summer heat, I got to discover something that seems now so obvious: why not freezing some thread?

And the textures I got were quite intriguing.

Then it came: why not putting them over my body? And the first iced wearable was born. 

When wearing this innocent frozen necklace, and ready to reflect on temperature and texture, I discovered that ice actually was a representation of time.

We cannot freeze time. But we can materialize our time frozen. 

Get my iced impression on this 
new video below (audio included!)

Now I invite you to freeze and wear your own time block. And besides refreshing yourself, do share with me in the comments below

  • How do you imagine your iced time block in form and size?
  • How and where do you wear it on your body?

Much About Touch

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It's very revealing to treat materials as people, finding physical ways of connecting to them.

Why touching materials? Is it that I don't like people enough? Am I socially crippled?

When I was little I had trouble to communicate with words, especially my feelings. I was highly sensitive to people, things and situations, but I was not able to communicate back using words. I sent telepathic messages (seriously :-) and touching. I thought touching would send my thoughts - physically - to the other person.

Now I touch materials as a way of expanding this extra language, one that doesn't need words to exist. A skin universal language, one that we can all understand. 

How can touching materials help me? You might ask. Will touching the walls open my eyes to a new world? Hell yes.

There is no lying in touching. The most beautiful poster will feel "dead" under your fingers when it is made out of toxic pvc. 

Touching brings us back to a primitive language, that of the cells, an older memory.

Touching belongs to our full body. Touching writes a map of our whole body. Touching is body complete.

Touching is real. Touching brings ourselves back into the moment. It makes us aware, it wakes us up.

Touching connects with our emotions first, before calling our intelligence to place that sensation into the right meaning. 

There are not touch-handicaps. Every body has skin. Every body feels, something, somewhere. Even when you don't allow yourself to do so, your skin stills feels. There are not touch-blind, deaf or crippled. We all have a skin. We can all touch. Touch is universal and makes us all able and capable.

Touching does not need words to be defined or compared. 

Touching is our ultimate connecting tool while being our sole proprietorship

Touching makes us human while keeping us animals.

Touching is the ultimate democratic sense, we all understand touching.

Touching is a cultural tool. Different cultures relate very differently to touching (each other, others, even themselves). You might not guess the cultural background of a person immediately by only looking at her/him. But you might very well guess by the way she is open or not to touch and being touched. 

Touching is sexy. Touching is intimate.

Touching honors our body. Touching is a honorable act. It poses gratitude and love for the body we touch.

Touching has no reason to exist. Even if you do not wish to touch anyone, you inevitably touch. Your skin does.

Touching can expand infinitely. Its intensity, its size, its meaning. Touching expands the other senses. 

Touching is timeless. Touching allows time to exist. You cannot make "touch-clips" like we do with music videos, with shorter and shorter attention spans. 

Perhaps our highly visual culture has lowered down our touching capacity and desire. Visual pleasure is overrated. Our eyes are a gift, but not the only gift.

Touch yourself, touch your neighbor, touch your walls, your subway tiles, your underwear.


What The Wear

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Is what we wear showing or hiding our real selves?

I asked myself this question a few days ago, after I bought something new to wear. I was suddenly feeling confident and fresh. It kind of brought my ego out.

This reaction made me think: what does what we wear arise? what does it hide?

Jose Miguel Iribas, great sociologist I really appreciated personally as well, and whom unfortunately recently passed away, used to say: there are three main tools to socialize: sports, alcohol and the naked body. 

Some people imagine the audience naked to loose their fear on stage. Perhaps they become "real" in their eyes, free from their power, position or career skins.

I love cool clothes (always the ones I can't afford :-). But I've been (unconsciously) neglecting owning new stuff in the past years, perhaps and coincidentally at the same time that I had a major shift in my career. Since my work has increasingly become more personal, I had the need to be more naked. Not only emotionally, also literally. 

Possibly because when no clothes are present, there is only body to wear, only the real deal. And the ego-wear falls flat.

What the wear? Here's my humble hum to invite you out:

Now, throw me back some wearing love:

  • which "you" reflects on what you wear?

Can't wait to hear your stories, blurbs and cuts in the comments below.

And on wearing, I just released a very limited collection of thread wraps

Purpose Me

They are summery, colorful, textile, flexible, warm and unique.

And now for sale!

Click on the image to see them:

Purpose Me are very personal pieces. Each one hand-made, body-made, and with her unique process story

From 19.06.2015, six wraps will be shown as well in Buen Gusto shop/gallery, Zurich Altstadt. 

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Behind the Thins

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[plug your headphones to get the "full monty"]

It's so interesting to work with materials like a Montessori teacher works with kids. Letting them express and develop their own personality. 

Come on, I can hear. Materials do not have a personality. 

They do not feel. but their nature very well expresses their "wish" to be or become something.

The materiality of thin string and the construction I made with it gave me some clues about life.

It's about networking. A hot issue in our lives!

But when I started this exercise, I wasn't planning to make a networking map. 

My starting point was: I am going to connect with a wall. I am going to use threads and sticky dots to connect myself with this wall, using as many lines as needed to feel that we are attached. It will be like growing roots, like planting myself to the wall.

Then, while doing it, the wall started to disappear. The "real" thing was happening in the threads, those individual almost-nothing things.

Instead of representing my attachment to the wall, they started to represent relationships to me. In a broader sense. 

What is it that this tactile experience unstrung?


I'd love to hear your line of thoughts on this:

  • which of these lessons strapped stronger to you?
  • how would your bundle look like?

Do come over to the comments below and let me know (or if you prefer, please email me back). Your words really make a difference.