Weaving With Ego

VideoAlicia Velazquez2 Comments

We touch texture, as we are texture.

In a more abstract take, we also build texture. Outside in our relationships, and inside, in our own relationships with our multiple inner selves.

Have you noticed how ego and "true self" have this sort of play, this intermingle, an eternal dance - sometimes fight - to come to the surface? Ego mostly wins. Is freaking stubborn. It is hard work to actually bring the other part to flourish, and the moment you slip out for a tiny second, you put your attention somewhere else or take a short nap - like those transparency effects in the video - the "true self" disappears under layers of bold, bright and shiny power. 

I leave you with this reflection in visual form -  an animated "visual jam" that perhaps helps you to mirror these and your own personal questions.

Hope you dig it, and to hear your comments to have a conversation on this going and growing.