Pulling the Thread

Video, Textures PurposeAlicia Velazquez5 Comments

Through the years, I found that the best way of working on a design project (which can also be translated into life projects) is what I call pulling vs pushing. Rather than having a preconceived image or idea, it consists of outstretching several options - threads. And start pulling each of them, until one appears to expand our options. Even beyond what we initially conceived.

Pulling often serves a side bundle of doubt, and also often - at least in my experience - it is difficult to "let go" that initial idea that I had pictured as desired end result.

When doing the first bit you'll see in the video above, I had no idea whatsoever that I would end up getting the rest of its sequence (so do hold on and watch the full minute :-). Just pulled.
Sometimes an insignificant fiber can expand into infinite opportunities and surprising beauty.

But I'd love to hear about your strains:

  • Have you encountered pulling vs pushing? How did it untwine?

Can't wait to read about it in the comment section below.