Still cutting, ring by ring, moment by moment

PerformanceAlicia VelazquezComment
Photo by Alicia Olmos for AVA (Alicia Velázquez Atelier)

Photo by Alicia Olmos for AVA (Alicia Velázquez Atelier)

"Please, don't cut all of your hair". A tiny old lady came in just to give me her beauty advice. One Hair One Purpose. Keeps going. Week 3.

Another public daily setting - the window of a centric hairdressing salon. Transformation to a place where transformation, daily and lightly, is constantly happening.
It was the most naturally fitting performance experience of all. 

OHOP at K-Styling hair salon.
Special thanks to stylist Anabel Blanco.

OHOP continues at UNO Partner Zürich

PerformanceAlicia VelazquezComment

While obsessively thoughtful of time, present in every work I produce, I keep miscalculating it. Or, maybe, Time is the one miscalculating me, or my hair, for this particular matter.

3 days and 15 hours after the performance One Hair One Purpose at Corner College, with much of that hair still up on its place, and during the very performance, I had to make a quick decision: cut it all off right here and now? Or continue the performance and the cutting further?

And, while cutting, twisting, ringing and tying up, while lights, cameras and pairs of eyes were expectant on me, the decision came: the slow act of transformation must go on. 

And if this act of transformation comes to a daily environment? 

One Hair One Purpose, Week 2, at UNO Partner Architecture & Development.
With special thanks to partner Sebastian Schaeffer.