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Don't Try This With Your Kids

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Texture study for collaborative fashion project Inhabiting Wearable Space, with MaryMeJimmiPaul's blue hair.

I am having a not-so-innocent relationship. With the material world. I not only poke, caress or hug walls (wall-hugger?). I lick, insert fingers, touch with my naked body.

You've done this too. When you slip in your clothes. Or lay in the bathtub. Swim. Peal a fruit. 

Having sex with objects? 

Why not?

Arousing "sexorial" connections with the textures that surround you may surprise you. It is not the fifty shades you imagine, but it's a fantastic training of your touch buds, it grows your tactile wisdom, it's a great skin workout, plus your full body will be happy you remember it exists. 

For the moment when you decide to share intimacy and skin with another body, even if it is an inanimate one, sensations arise. You grow your receptiveness listening to the voice of your skin, opening her eyes.

Texture sex may include spilling liquids, getting sticky, dirty, powdered, cold, hot, sweaty. Comfortable? Possibly not. Fun. Dirty. Familiar?

Don't wait till a new product or marketing message gives you permission to feel. 

The texture doctor advices: have texture sex. Daily. 

Start now: look around, pick one thing and one body part who have never been in touch. Introduce them. Let them have sex. Enjoy.

And! share me your insights and experience in the comments below.

Time Bomb

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We now nothing is there forever. We change, objetcs change, the landscape changes. Our mood changes. Our body changes.

Made out of a material that disintegrates with time, Time-Bomb Dear bracelet is a temporary piece of jewelry. 

Wether you choose it for a loved one or for yourself, TBD changes as your love changes, as you change. TBD knows that your love fades along time. She understands. She has been designed for that. It is also her nature to change, and accompany you as you change.

TBD does the job for you. No need to think you need to keep it for good. No need to confront the guilt of getting rid of it. No need to apply the KonMari method. TBD dies.

TBD comes in a beautiful package, expiration date included. You may choose the desired length of your affection. We offer 3 types, with 3 different price ranges:

  • fast & furious
  • mild & mighty, and
  • long & luminous.

How dear is your love? Or how dare?

Drop me some love (or hate, or both), on the comment lines below. 

Hat the Wrap

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Have you ever found yourself wrapped in too many things?

Even being the master of planning and organization, it's almost impossible that you've never been enshrouded in obligations, tasks, decisions, actions or responsibilities.

Though you manage your moves, sometimes overwhelm happens. So much that you cannot actually recognize yourself any more.

This is what I had in my head when acting today's video. The "easy" act of getting involved - sometimes not aware that is happening - grows slowly. And thickens till one day you cannot remember how the heck you got to that point of being trapped. But you are!

Visualize yourself entangled in a material mane to help you remember: you can always cut that strain (and wear it overhead).

If all this feels familiar to you, let me know in the comments below:

  • Does visualizing your "overthread" help you deal with it? 
  • How could you "materialize" your cut-through moment?

Corners of the Round Room

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I like to meditate every evening before going to bed, and I noticed that even though I set my mat parallel to the wall, my body naturally shifts to a south-east position. Why? I have no idea. 
When I searched for information, there is no advice about it (rather than sitting itself). I only found a light indication to sit heading South, thus the body faces the Earth's electromagnetic direction.

But, rather than unveiling the whys or hows one should sit, this observation led me to the following thought:

Have you observed? We don't realize how much influence the direction of our walls marks how our body, every day, sits, sleeps, works, defecates. The architect decided for us, and before him the civil engineer and the urban planner did. They decided how the street was laid out, and everything followed. Then we place our bed, carpet, coach, desk parallel or perpendicular to this wall, which is parallel to the building wall, parallel to the street in front.

The mind follows the order, the direction she was instructed to. And perhaps the body "thinks" differently.

As bodies, we can observe. As designers, we can observe before we make decisions. Our choices  influence, every day, the lives of many. Being their bodies aware, or not.

Getting in touch... with greyness

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Is the lack of color in our cities a conscious decision or do we accept it by default?

While traveling, and especially during moments of transit, I have often observed how grey our (built) environment is. Sidewalks, roads, facades, benches, fences, walls, floor finishes. You name it.

I am not so interested in knowing why or where this greyness comes from. Rather, bring it up front, realize how little color surrounds us, and what are the possible effects in our body and wellbeing. 

My invitation through this video is to become aware of color, or the lack of it.

I would love to hear back from YOU: what is your experience about greyness in the city?