Why I want to Design Peacocks

Alicia VelazquezComment

As Stefan Sagmeister states, "everything is designed".

Instead of bringing back the old chicken and egg question, which design approach moves you? Chicken or peacock?

Do simplicity and functionality make your day, everyday?
Or... why not having functionality AND a yummy skin?

The reality is that we get tired of seeing the same thing every day. We get used to striking beauty. It is a human flaw. But if I am to get tired both of seeing chicken and peacocks around, let me choose to feed my eyes and soul with capturing beauty. 

Long live form and color! Thanks for stimulating my eyes, for bringing a smile to my face. Thanks for stirring me up and causing some reaction, perhaps rejection, but leaving me wondering and totally aware. Certain vibrations are worth to try to generate. 
One feeds my body, the other feeds my soul.

Which one do you choose?