Resilience to Oblivion

Being In BetweenAlicia VelazquezComment

While I was attending Design & Emotion Society's biannual event two years ago, in one of the coffee breaks, I met a Dutch designer. We exchanged information about our practice. I commented to her that my wish is to intervene in those forgotten moments in the city, which tend to happen during moments of transit. "But if we design everything, won't that be too much?" she replied. 

Well, everything is designed. And my ambition is not creating a theme park out of every moment. 

We are influenced - constantly- by our immediate environment. 

We choose to care about our home, our private space. But we choose to foget about the subway corridor, the back door, the flat lobby. And yet we see it, we experience it. Every day, perhaps twice a day, 5 days a week, 300 days per year.

We pay attention to every part of our body when cleaning it or dressing it up.

Otherwise, which part to forget?