Purpose is the new Function

Textures PurposeAlicia VelazquezComment

Function is over(rated). Not that we don't need to think about it or prepare to respond to needs, but, making (or consuming) design responding to function feels like such a lost opportunity. Defending that a design is only beautiful and meaningful when it follows function (a.k.a. smart, reasonable, content) results in forgettable objects and environments, susceptible to not last.

I propose that form follows purpose.

Our responsibility as designers is to create objects and environments which connect, create, enhance, stir, invite, shake, unveil, surprise, change lives. Beautiful, meaningful, purposeful objects. And, function? Function is a given, not a purpose. Of course it functions.

Design like you want to eat. Do you want to feed fuel? or feed surprise, sameness, sensuality, story?

Designing for function gave us an easy-ish escape to create from the mind. Sorry, not enough. Bring as much purpose into design (that you do, that you consume) as you possibly can. Then you will really change lives, starting with your own