Hat the Wrap

Video, Textures PurposeAlicia Velazquez5 Comments

Have you ever found yourself wrapped in too many things?

Even being the master of planning and organization, it's almost impossible that you've never been enshrouded in obligations, tasks, decisions, actions or responsibilities.

Though you manage your moves, sometimes overwhelm happens. So much that you cannot actually recognize yourself any more.

This is what I had in my head when acting today's video. The "easy" act of getting involved - sometimes not aware that is happening - grows slowly. And thickens till one day you cannot remember how the heck you got to that point of being trapped. But you are!

Visualize yourself entangled in a material mane to help you remember: you can always cut that strain (and wear it overhead).

If all this feels familiar to you, let me know in the comments below:

  • Does visualizing your "overthread" help you deal with it? 
  • How could you "materialize" your cut-through moment?