Time Bomb

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We now nothing is there forever. We change, objetcs change, the landscape changes. Our mood changes. Our body changes.

Made out of a material that disintegrates with time, Time-Bomb Dear bracelet is a temporary piece of jewelry. 

Wether you choose it for a loved one or for yourself, TBD changes as your love changes, as you change. TBD knows that your love fades along time. She understands. She has been designed for that. It is also her nature to change, and accompany you as you change.

TBD does the job for you. No need to think you need to keep it for good. No need to confront the guilt of getting rid of it. No need to apply the KonMari method. TBD dies.

TBD comes in a beautiful package, expiration date included. You may choose the desired length of your affection. We offer 3 types, with 3 different price ranges:

  • fast & furious
  • mild & mighty, and
  • long & luminous.

How dear is your love? Or how dare?

Drop me some love (or hate, or both), on the comment lines below. 

Getting (emotionally) Naked

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We are very often surrounded by people, or in environments where to take a moment to yourself is challenging. I have found myself going into a toilet right before a presentation in order to close my eyes and breathe, centering myself and preparing for the performance I am about to give.  

From this observation came the idea of CLOUD ME: a pair of glasses neither to protect yourself, nor to look outside, but rather inviting to look inwards

Made out of natural cotton, their soft touch helps to disconnect from the visual busyness, form a personal protection and help you connect with your naked self.

CLOUD ME is still in rough prototyping state, with newer and more sophisticated updates coming very soon!

I´d love to hear back from YOU: how and when do you need to get (emotionally) naked?